From Concept Through Production


The proSource team is extremely professional and easy to work with. The eye-catching direct mail piece resulted in great responses to my last two campaigns.

Steve Swanson, TAB Pittsburgh

Micro Sites

Personalized URL's

Push the Limits of Personalization

By including personalized URL's in your next direct mail campaign, you're likely to see a 2-5 time increase in response rates, seize more qualified leads, and commandeer bigger profits. A personalized URL is a unique landing page automatically generated for every name in your campaign database. Direct mail pieces and landing pages can be custom designed with variable text and images uniquely suited to each client and prospect.

You'll also be able to track the results of your campaign in real time by accessing your "Campaign Dashboard" which provides you with activity reports, survey results, and much more to capture online responses and track user data. We can also configure automatic follow-up e-mail messages personalized to each respondent based on their activity while on the site and provide automated lead delivery to your sales development team for almost instantaneous follow-up.

Use personalized URLs in your next direct mail campaign to:

  • Generate qualified leads on hot prospects
  • Introduce a new product or service
  • Gain e-mail addresses to reduce direct mail costs
  • Increase retail traffic and distribute coupons
  • Track your marketing campaign's impact in real time
  • Invite participants to conferences, seminars, and other corporate events
  • Drive traffic to your trade show booth even before an event begins
  • And so much more